Our Services Include But Are Not Limited To:

Providing solutions to make daily life more safe, efficient and comfortable

Garage/shed organizing


Sorting, editing & organizing within a living space or home office

Moving preparation (editing to show a home)

Packing & unpacking for renovations, estates, and moving


Organizing your new living space

Organizing does not have to be about giving up possessions; it’s about restructuring your environment to make it work better for you.

Each client and their space are unique and each project differs in the level of involvement, size, and complexity. The Organizer will work with you to respect the timeline and budget you set, always discuss the expectations and requirements, and communicate any changes throughout the process to ensure we are meeting your vision and goals. 

Timing of each project can be:

quickly to meet a deadline
spaced out over weeks or months
maintenance visits for long term support

If supplies are required:

The client can shop themselves
The client and Organizer can shop together
The Organizer can purchase needed items

This Organizer is environmentally conscientious and will look for ways to:

repurpose items
direct items to recycling
donate to charities of your choice

Your privacy and confidentiality are a priority.

This Organizer follows a strict code of ethics laid out by the Professional Organizers in Canada.