My Story

My name is Lisa and for 20 years I have been educating and supporting individuals and families of all backgrounds and abilities. I have learned how to actively listen in order to understand the client’s needs and tailor a vast array of services to their requirements.

Most recently I have worked primarily with seniors, providing rehabilitation therapy; helping people do the things they want and need to do, despite any obstacles or disabilities. This involved critical thinking, providing personalized solutions, and ensuring achievable goals were reached in a safe and efficient manner.

During my time in health care I established a reputation as an effective communicator with a strong work ethic. My clients felt at ease knowing together we would reach their goals. This is what I bring to OSL. As much as I enjoy bringing balance and comfort to your space, my focus is how to make it more safe and functional for people of all abilities.

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Organize & Simplify London is a professional organizing service providing both imaginative and practical results for those in and around London Ontario.

We are a member of Professional Organizers In Canada

My Mission

The mission of Organize & Simplify London is to provide a safe, efficient and comfortable living space, to enhance peace of mind and quality of life.

My Vision

The vision of Organize & Simplify London is to be a reliable service for individuals and families who are in need of secure and supportive assistance during those transitional times in life.

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